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With just over a week to go I’ve entered the tapering phase of my training, from last weekend onwards rides have been restricted to a more gentle distance of about 50-60 miles (although Darren doesn’t agree with it and will still be doing a couple of century rides this weekend no doubt).

I’ll also be winding down my turbo trainer sessions as well to more gentle efforts.  Not sure riding for an hour at 110+ cadence will do my dodgy hamstring any good!

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I was doing some interval training at the weekend and during one of the sprints I felt my hamstring go!  This is something I’ve suffered from quite often and is quite a common injury with cyclists.  Apparently it’s all to do with the leg not extending fully which leads to the muscle shortening.

I spent 5 nervous days resting and then on Wednesday evening I went for a short local ride with Nige and his friends.  I decided to take the single speed bike and although having only 1 gear it left me spinning out on the flats a bit it gave my leg a good gentle workout.  I was very relieved to have no after effects and I’m happy that it must have been a slight hamstring “tightening” as oppose to a full on pull or even worse a tear.

I suppose I was going to get at least one injury during my training, at least it didn’t keep me off the bike for too long.

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Darren came up last weekend so we decided to do our first (and probably only) joint training ride.  Rather than the usual route into Wales we decided to opt for one that would take us from the Wirral to Buxton via the famous Cat & Fiddle Pass.  Unfortunately (it always seems the case) we ran short on time and had to stop at the Cat & Fiddle Inn at the top of the pass and not carry on into Buxton. 

it was a lot quicker going back down !


Famous for being the 2nd highest pub in the country at over 500m above sea-level the ascent up the pass was tough enough without an agonizing head wind but great training nevertheless.

a long 11km slog into the wind but we made it in the end

On the way up we saw the Team Sky rider Peter Kennaugh (Bronze medalists at the 2011 World Track Championships) presumably also on a training ride.  Darren tried to catch him on one of his ascents but unsurprisingly he couldn’t do it.

Ride Stats : 182km & 1,800m ascent  (116 miles & 5,905 ft)

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Halfway through a long-distance training ride. Currently sitting in the Ponderosa cafe having completed my 2nd ascent of the horseshoe pass. Ride expected to be 100 miles plus.

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I went on my longest training ride yesterday. From my house to Llangollen and back (via Chester). Although for the first hour or so it was raining the weather changed and it got quite warm in the afternoon. The top of the horseshoe pass was really misty and I needed lights on at midday! I Felt really good considering I’ve increased the distance and climbing and I feel I’m making good progress with only 8 weeks to go.

stats. 160km & 2,405m ascent

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Not been on a long ride for a week or two so I went for a training ride today. The original plan was to ride to Llangollen and take in the Horseshoe Pass a couple of times, unfortunately it was extremely windy and I thought it would be too dangerous to ride the pass so I changed the route and came home via Chester instead.

When you’re starting to flag there’s nothing like a good incentive to keep moving…

can I out pedal a tank?


Ride Stats – 90km and 1,700m ascent

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I’ve not had chance to do any long distance cycling for over a week so I decided to do some endurance cross training tonight.  On the way home from work I called into the gym and went swimming, the pace wasn’t particularly fast but I managed just over a mile in under an hour. I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t too tired and felt nice and relaxed on the ride home afterwards.

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After so much training it was nice to get out on a social ride so on Saturday I went to Llandegla with the CCM riders.  When I woke up I was feeling a bit knackered so it was my intention just to do the Blue route but as the ride went on I felt really good and ended up doing the Red.  Despite riding a fully rigid single speed bike I managed a good pace which pleased me because I put it down to all the training.  Some good post-ride banter and food made for an excellent day.

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Managed to get 2 training rides in this week, the first one riding with Nige from the Wirral to Llandegla. The second was a hill training ride today; Llandegla to Llangollen and back with 2 ascents of the Horseshoe Pass.  As training intensifies I’ll look at joining both rides into one.

Ride stats – 82km & 741m ascent and 46km & 1,309m ascent

top of the pass

good hill climbing practice

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We’re pleased to announce that energy drinks company Science in Sport (SiS) are the latest company to sponsor us.  Whilst Cycle Surgery has kindly offered to support us on the day all the extensive training is spread over a 5 month period.  Dave at SiS has very kindly offered us a rather nice discount on any products from their web site for a period of up to 6 months to help us on training sessions and rides !

Many thanks Dave and everyone at SiS

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